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Protected Service For YouTube Accounts

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In the quest for videos, one platform stands out universally – YouTube. This remarkable platform boasts a video covering every imaginable topic. For businesses adept at selling products on YouTube, it emerges as a crucial platform to schedule content consistently.

If you manage a YouTube account and find consistency challenging or contemplate closing your business, there's an alternative to merely shutting down. Consider leveraging a secure service for your YouTube account.


Yes, you can sell your YouTube account to someone offering similar products, ensuring continued service for your subscribers without transitioning to another channel.

Monetizing your YouTube channel involves various factors, and at Transit Media, we're dedicated to ensuring you receive the true value of your account without unnecessary concerns.

Choose Transit Media for Your YouTube Account

To safeguard the rights of both buyer and seller, a third party is imperative. Numerous websites offer protected services for YouTube channels, but you need not go through the hassle of finding the best – you're already at one.


Transit Media serves as a middleman for buying or selling your YouTube account. This will avoid scams and scammers.

All listings undergo verification by our team, and only after approval, a YouTube account can be sold through our platform. Transit Media considers specific factors before your account becomes available for potential buyers.

  • Consistency: A YouTube account thrives when it consistently posts videos. Approval from the Transit Media team is granted only if your account demonstrates this consistency.

  • Activity: Your channel must remain active, hosting videos even if it already boasts several subscribers.

  • Copyright Content: Lack of original work on your account, leading to potential copyright issues, makes it challenging to attract interested parties. Upon successful verification, your transaction progresses through a few straightforward stages.


Steps to Complete the Transaction

  1. Get Started: Sign up on and log in to your account. Only after this step can you post your listing

  2. Collecting The Details: Our team gathers data from both parties. The seller updates required details like subscriber count, account owner information, and other relevant details. The buyer selects an account and transfers the amount to the Transit Media secure account.

  3. Handing Over The Account: Transit Media transfers account details to the buyer, who then changes owner details and removes any other account associations, such as managers or executives.

  4. Transfer The Payment: The YouTube account you nurtured and maintained for so long is sold, and you receive payment. Once ownership is validated in the YouTube account (which takes 24 hours), Transit Media transfers the payment to the seller.

  5. Give Us A Review: If you find satisfaction, consider recommending us to other social media account holders who may benefit from our services.

Why Choose Us?

Transit Media is a trusted service provider that ensures you receive the actual worth of your hard work and avoid scammers within the space. We also match you with an account that perfectly suits your needs. We are reliable, trustworthy, and, most importantly, free of charge.

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